Shopify Pricing

Multi Store Please contact us for details

$99 Monthly Per Store

Up to 12,000 orders annually or 1,000 per month

$299 Monthly Per Store

Up to 60,000 orders annually or 5,000 per month

$349 Monthly Per Store

Up to 180,000 orders annually or 15,000 per month

Shopify Features

Pick, Pack, Ship and Deliver

> Access picklists from tablets and smartphones to pull items
> Seamlessly deduct inventory and mark as picked
> Print packing slips or invoices
> Generate labels
> Integrate with any shipping carrier
> Notify customers of shipments
> Routing for private fleet

Order Management

> Customizable preferences for optimized experience
> Quickly check, update, and track the progress on an order
> Access dashboard anywhere from any device
> Download PDF invoices, Packing Slips, and Labels
> Record check, wire transfer, and other forms of payments
> Send transactional or personalized emails

Shipment Management

> Push orders into automatically and in real-time
> Fulfill partial and complete shipments
> Integrate with all carriers
> Print receipts, packing slips and box labels in bulk
> Create custom packing slips
> Notify customers upon shipment

Kitting & BOM

> Seamlessly define child and master products, download and print Bill of Materials (BOM), build kits and grouped products, and set custom cost and pricing for each item and kit.
> The build kits option enables your team to deduct the appropriate inventory of child SKUs and add the to the inventory of the master product, all with a one-click of a button.
> The trackability feature allows the management to easily find records and reasons for any inventory adjustments, as well as, the employee responsible for such changes.

Barcode & Scanning

> Scan items in and out of warehouse
> Print barcodes and labels
> transfer materials using wireless scanners
> Look up items and inventory records quickly


> Access 50+ reports in real-time
> Analyze customer behavior and history
> Evaluate gross sales by source, rep, product, and customer groups
> Export quotes and conversion rates
> Pull purchasing, receiving, and vendor/supplier report
> Download current and historical inventory valuation data
> Get A/R, A/P, Sales Tax, COGS, and Gross Margin reports