A New Look at Tracking Inventory History

Your true number matters!

When you consider that inventory is cash, that every item in your warehouse was acquired by cash, an exact accounting of every item on your shelves is no less important than knowing how many dollars you have in the bank. That’s what makes inventory management so important.

To that point, Zangerine’s grasp on knowing your true number, for every item in any location, is vise tight, and has been from day one.

Perhaps what may have been missing from Zangerine’s display of your true number are the details. Zangerine has always been able to tell you what quantity of any item is available for sale, but you may have been left wondering how Zangerine got that number. To be clear, Zangerine has always kept careful track of what has been added to inventory, removed from inventory, why it was removed, and who removed it. For many of our customers, an accurate, final number was sufficient. But now, Zangerine shares every single detail. Even those of us with the most acute desire to know every last detail will be greatly satisfied.

The new Inventory Edit History page displays every transaction made to a particular item’s inventory. You access this page from the Inventory Tab in any Product page; you’ll see a new linked labeled as “Inventory Edit History.” When you click there you’ll see the following:

The Inventory Edit History page will display a data table of transactions for each defined location for every warehouse. If an item is located in more than one location in the same warehouse, Zangerine displays a separate data table for each location. The added flexibility is particularly beneficial to businesses that must manage expiration dates or lots.

Whenever inventory is added to the location due to purchase, Zangerine displays the date/time, the person who recorded the change, the new quantity, and the location. For convenience, a link to the PO is also displayed. Whenever inventory is sold, Zangerine records the same information and places a link to the sale. If an adjustment to the inventory number is made, Zangerine records the same information as an adjustment.

If a particular item’s location is changed, Zangerine displays that change, too. If a location is removed, that action is recorded as well. Take careful note that the data you see in the Inventory Edit History page only displays transactions made after this new feature was added to Zangerine.

What’s important to remember is Zangerine is always watching and keeping careful track, which reminds me of a scene in the Disney movie, Monsters, Inc. And, like the movie, careful oversight will always be advantageous. How? Here are three ways Zangerine’s new Inventory Edit History page will benefit your company:

  1. Improved Clarity. If you are perplexed by an inventory number for a particular item, you can quickly dive into that number to see the details. If a member of your team made an adjustment, you can ask them about it and get a clear picture of what’s going on.
  2. Managed Shrink. If you’ve done a physical count and audit and find that you’re still missing a certain number of a particular item, you can start looking at receiving procedures or theft as a reason for missing items.
  3. Smart Management. Zangerine helps you spot areas of concern; for example, you may notice a particular team member is making unusual adjustments. That’s a training opportunity, perhaps, that will only make your team better at what they do.

The Inventory Edit History page is now available to all of Zangerine’s amazing customers. If you have questions, contact the Zangerine customer service team by submitting a service ticket.