John W

President - Killer Filter, Inc

We have a complex product line with over 700,000 parts and Zangerine helps us make it simple. Zangerine has a friendly staff and has always responded quickly to questions. We’ve enjoyed the software and they are constantly making the software better. If I could change anything, I would like more automatic reports; however, Zangerine can provide whatever we’re needing upon request.

Ellie H

Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies

Switching to Zangerine allowed for automation of a variety of the tasks and operations within our company. The SEO-Optimized and well-designed websites have helped with our marketing efforts and have positively impacted our sales. One of the customization done have saved a warehouse employee two hours of repetitive work. The systematic improvements have helped minimize the human error during our inventory and warehouse management, as well as, speeding up our sales and quoting procedure.
Flexibility and customize-ability of the software has been a major key to our migration’s success. Within the last three years, we have added a dozen new functionalities and features to our ERP successfully. We were assigned a project manager from the first day of our contract. This has allowed for a smooth and easy communication when it comes to discussion specific to our company’s operations. In order to access our data and use the system, you are required to have an internet connection at all times

Joshua K

Alison's Pantry

Would recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing software customization experience.
Working with Zangerine is the best software customization experience I’ve ever had. We switched over from SAP Business 1 because it was nearly impossible to do a eCommerce software integration. Zangerine got us up and running ON TIME with time to spare.
It would be nice if it had more accounting built in

Craig R

President - Adaptive Imports

We frequently update our attached documents, brochures and order forms. Fast support for the frequent change orders we have.
Perhaps more than we need at the current time. I would rather have the options for future expansion on the same platform however.

Karla P

Safety Owls

Zangerine helped us centralize all our data from warehouse to sales. Because of its all-in-one and unified database, our website and back-office software always show the correct inventory and pricing records. Not having to switch between a CRM, eCommerce, and ERP software has certainly increased our productivity, which is a great deal for a company with limited number of employees like us.

Minimized steps/clicks to process typical tasks like adjusting inventory, narrowing down product lists with multiple filters, etc. Customized/Personalized eCommerce website designs based on marketing research and our target market. Fast and easy-to-reach customer support team.

Requirement for paying additional one-time fee for the Amazon and eBay integrations to manage incoming orders from marketplaces

Joe R


These guys had my entire website up and running in about 2 weeks with 6000 urls, it was amazing. Within 1 week after launch our sales increased tenfold, our business operations now are pretty advanced and easy to operate. Once we learned the system, it became clear that there is no other option for our type of business. Zangerine or a solution like it is basically an absolute must have. You guys naled everything to the Tee. Thanks soo much!