“Freedom brothers’s review”

“Having a POS and inventory control all in one that also has the potential to make routes. Matrix for customers is easy to adjust and the reports that break down COG and profit is excellent.”

Alex G.

“Efficient & Easy Onboarding”

“We found Zangerine to be a very efficient and effective solution for inventory management and e-commerce.
Pros: The software is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone on the team to learn and use it efficiently. I was worried that our warehouse team might struggle to learn a new program, but the training process was very practical. The inventory management features are robust and allow for seamless tracking of products and reordering points. The ability to scan barcodes, generate business reports, and price shipping labels makes it a one-stop solution for us.”

Emily M.

“Easy to Use”

“The program helped the owner of the company realize his goal of getting his company online to reach a broader audience.
I find it easy to import new products into the database. And to add choices. If I have questions, the Tech team is always willing to help me solve my dilemmas.”

Lisa C.


“We struggled for years to find a software solution, but we were disappointed every time, until we came across Zangerine. We finally have everything we hoped for. The team has been great to work with, very professional, and the process has been very manageable.

The thing I like most is the ability to choose options so products can be customized without a convoluted process. That is very unique. The team at Zangerine pulled though for us and delivered on every commitment they made. I simply could not be more pleased.”

Randy J.

“Zangerine is our B2B e-commerce, order management, sales reporting and order fulfillment solution”

“We’re very pleased overall with Zangerine’s pricing, performance and customer support! We felt the pricing was a good value for the features Zangerine’s software offered. The transition to getting set up and running was handled well by the Zangerine onboarding team, and they were there for us in a timely fashion to smooth out any issues we encountered. The various integrations (e-comm and shipping especially) tie all of our functions together efficiently.”

Shane D.

“Tangerine with a Z”

“Great so far and they definitely keep adding key features for the system as we go through the process. Great software. Zangerine’s team is dedicated to helping us get to where we are now.”

JayR S.

“I have appreciated the top notch customer support and overall efficiency of the software.”

“We have a complex product line with over 700,000 parts and Nebucore helps us make it simple. Nebucore has a friendly staff and has always responded quickly to questions.”

John W

“Using the software on a daily basis”

“Switching to Zangerine allowed for automation of a variety of the tasks and operations within our company. The SEO-Optimized and well-designed websites have helped with our marketing efforts and have positively impacted our sales. One of the customization done have saved a warehouse employee two hours of repetitive work. The systematic improvements have helped minimize the human error during our inventory and warehouse management, as well as, speeding up our sales and quoting procedure.
Flexibility and customize-ability of the software has been a major key to our migration’s success. Within the last three years, we have added a dozen new functionalities and features to our ERP successfully. We were assigned a project manager from the first day of our contract. This has allowed for a smooth and easy communication when it comes to discussion specific to our company’s operations. In order to access our data and use the system, you are required to have an internet connection at all times.”

Ellie H

“Replaced our SAP Business 1 ERP software”

“Would recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing software customization experience.
Working with Zangerine is the best software customization experience I’ve ever had. We switched over from SAP Business 1 because it was nearly impossible to do a eCommerce software integration. Zangerine got us up and running ON TIME with time to spare.
It would be nice if it had more accounting built in”

Joshua K