Purchasing Management

Your Purchasing Frustrations with Disconnected Spreadsheets and Databases Ends Today!

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you’re trying to purchase inventory through a spreadsheet haze? You could be left with too much of something that doesn’t sell and too little of something that’s selling off the shelfs! Zangerine delivers welcomed clarity to purchasing. You’ll avoid inventorying cases of the unwanted, green bath towel and instead inventory the hot-selling, orange bath towel!

Vendor Portal Convenience

Your vendors will cheer! Seriously. A smart portal lets your vendors collaborate on your purchase orders. They can provide tracking numbers, change the status of an order, upload invoices, and assign purchase orders for payment. If you wish, Zangerine will also pass tracking numbers to your customers. No more confusing email strings, voicemail messages, or indecipherable notes on sticky pads!

Low Stock Alert Advantages

More than just a simple alert that a particular item is running low. Alerts also provide access to trends: You’ll see how much is selling and how fast. Armed with that information you can make knowledgeable, confident purchasing decisions. And that’s Zangerine’s main objective: Clarity and confidence!

One-Click Reordering Simplicity

For the love of all things simple, Zangerine is a purchasing manager’s dream come true. If you’re always ordering the same number of cases of a particular item every month from the same vendor, or even if you wish to make a few changes to the quantity one month over the previous, it’s a Click. Click. Done. experience. Could it be any easier? At the moment, no: You’ll bask in the simplicity of purchasing proficiency!