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$49 Per Month Per Store

Inventory Management Software Helping You Succeed

Is Inventory management software costing your business or helping it grow? At Zangerine, we want to help growing distribution companies answer that clearly every month. Most inventory management software costs from several thousand a month to free services as well as one-time  setup and data transfer fees. *The subscription fee excludes shipping-related costs. Additional shipping services, such as buying shipping labels, postage, or parcel insurance, may be available for an extra fee. These additional services are not required to use Zangerine.

Turnkey Solutions

Pick, Pack, and Ship

> Access picklists from tablets and smartphones to pull items
> Seamlessly deduct inventory and mark as picked
> Print packing slips or invoices

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Order Management

> Customizable preferences for optimized experience
> Quickly check, update, and track the progress on an order
> Access dashboard anywhere from any device

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Shipment Management

> Push orders into automatically and in real-time
> Fulfill partial and complete shipments
> Integrate with all carriers

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Inventory Management

> Control one or multiple warehouse in real-time
> Track lot and serial numbers
> Set automatic restocking points

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Barcode & Scanning

> Scan items in and out of warehouse
> Print barcodes and labels
> transfer materials using wireless scanners

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Business Intelligence

> Access 50+ reports in real-time
> Analyze customer behavior and history
> Evaluate gross sales by source, rep, product, and customer groups

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EDI Solution

> Send/Receive Inventory Records
> Send/Receive Sales Orders
> Send/Receive Purchase Orders

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Kitting & BOM

> Seamlessly define child and master products, download and print Bill of Materials (BOM), build kits and grouped products, and set custom cost and pricing for each item and kit.

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Marketplace Integration

> Pull orders and push shipping information automatically
> Integrate with Amazon
> Integrate with eBay

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Managerial Accounting

> Pull A/R, A/P, Gross Margin and Inventory Valuation reports
> Integrate with third-part programs
> Integrate with QuickBooks

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Interactive Calender

> Job Order Management
> Assign tasks to specific employees

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