Order Processing

A New Experience for Marketing, Sales and Order Processing

Want to better your business in all areas? Zangerine’s here is to help you take stock of where you are now and help you chart a new course to more sales and growth. We can help your efforts in marketing and sales excel. 

Order management is critical to your success. With all the work that goes into getting an order you want to ensure that it is fulfilled as quickly as possible without errors. Zangerine makes this simple for you by gathering all your orders from different sales channels into one place. Where you can track their progress and automatically send emails updating your customers on status, even sending tracking codes when they ship.

You are growing and need one system to grow with you that  includes inventory management, sales quoting, CRM, purchasing and everything else. Run your business in one piece of software accessible from any computer or mobile device anywhere! Zangerine is simple and highly customizable and best of all our team will import all your data, and set it up for you in 5 sessions and then you’re live! 

Quote to Order Simplicity

Click and done! Could we make it any easier? Try this: Your customers can access quotes via the Zangerine customer portal, and also turn a quote into an order with one click. You—and your customers—will love the simplicity.

Custom PO Numbers

An eCommerce operations system should mold itself around the way you do business. If you have a particular PO numbering system that’s unique to your organization, chances are Zangerine will catch on quick and shoulder all the weight of assigning and tracking every PO. Let Zangerine manage the minutiae; you work your magic on growing the business!

Mobile Responsive for the Modern Customer

Nearly one third of all online sales are completed with a mobile device. Hence, Zangerine stores are engineered with a clear objective to attractively display and sell your products, whether your customer is using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Guest Checkout Convenience

One sure way to optimize your checkout process is to provide your customers with the convenience of Guest Checkout. You’ll capture more online sales with Zangerine, which is a clear step in the right direction.

Abandoned Cart Management

An abandoned cart is a sales opportunity in waiting. Zangerine lets you set up automated communications to re-engage these customers at a certain time after they leave your site. And using Zangerine’s intelligent coupon features, you can provide an incentive to help close the deal.

Coupon and Incentive Management

Sensing a returning customer, Zangerine will look at behavior and then present a suitable coupon to cement the deal. With Zangerine’s proprietary automation system you can implement this type of automation with a minimal investment of time. Zangerine maintains a clear vision of success and provides the tools you need to get there!

Upsell, Cross-sell, and Mega Sell!

Presenting your customers with other, relevant products during the checkout process can boost your sales. Product recommendations can make up as much as 30% of your eCommerce revenue, says Forrester Research. With Zangerine, you can tag related products and then have these products become part of the customer’s visit to your website.

Amazon and Ebay Integration Power

Tapping into the Amazon and eBay marketplaces can add zip to your sales numbers. And Zangerine makes it quick and easy to ply your trade with these marketplace giants and increase sales. Zangerine’s powerful reporting and business intelligence tools will clearly show you how Amazon and eBay contribute to your overall sales numbers.

Customer CRM Expertise

A list of all the features packed into Zangerine’s CRM could fill a thick notebook. A list of all the benefits to you could fill another thick notebook. Customer address book, order history, terms, conversation logs, estimates, sales representative assignments, credits, groupings, status, and admin-only notes are just the tip of the spear!

Customer Portal Advantages

You can provide your customers with all the information they want when they want it with a convenient portal. Tracking numbers, order status, invoices, receipts, order history, quotes, estimates, credits, returns, and more provide you with a valuable competitive edge.

RMA Management and Analysis

When you authorize a return Zangerine does all the heavy lifting for you by adjusting inventory and taking a look at what product is being returned. When you a run a quick RMA report, you’ll immediately see challenges and be able to quickly address them.

Commissions Made Easy

Tracking sales by sales rep and calculating commissions is not fun! And managing a successful operation should be fun. So, let Zangerine do the tracking for you—automatically! You’ll be able to track any representative’s numbers in real time, too, while helping them find new customers. Everyone wins!