We understand the need for speed. The sooner your company can implement and start using Zangerine’s full suite of eCommerce tools the faster you’ll reap the rewards. That’s why we developed an implementation program fully capable of being completed in as little as five sessions.


1. Kickoff

From your first session you’ll see how Zangerine makes implementation a breeze. To start, you’ll learn navigation, verify key information, and get comfortable with the process.

2. Setup

Together, we’ll verify setup is completed: Users, roles, locations, templates, adding items, etc. Then, you’ll learn how to import/export data to prep for the next session.

3. Data

By this time your data will be converted, ready for review. Next, you’ll plan for required integrations, such as marketplaces, shopping carts, accounting systems, etc.

4. Integrations

In this session, you’ll make sure all of your integrations are functioning correctly. Plus, you’ll verify your website is ready to accept and process orders.

5. Launch!

Just like launching a rocket, with our expert implementation guides, you’ll review all checklists, finish any tests, make any adjustments, and then go live!

Do all of our customers complete implementation in five sessions? Every business is different and sometimes schedules, data availability, and other unforeseen factors make it difficult for some customers. We recognize that time is money, so we’re here to help you get going quickly.