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Zangerine automates and optimizes inventory management, order fulfillment e-commerce, and sales quotes on any device with a browser. Get inventory, eCommerce, and B2B/B2C tools from A to Z.

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Management Solution in Minutes

Optimize Processes

Have confidence in your inventory levels and re-order items on-time.

Integrate Barcode Scanning

Eliminate human errors with barcode scanning.

Save Money

Get a preset pricing without any transaction fee.

Let Zangerine Simplify Your Warehouse Operations

Zangerine delivers a clear and concise picture to make confident business decisions.

Stock Location Precision

Get a full picture of every location of every specific item in your inventory.

Inventory Valuation Clarity

Make game-changing decisions with a clear understanding of the valuation of your inventory.

Automated Notifications

Inform your customers with automated messages with all the pertinent details of the order.

Shipping Cost Calculator

Accurately calculate the shipping cost of every order by weight, price, cost, or vendor.

Centralized Reporting

See real-time inventory numbers at any time for any SKU.

Stock Levels

Set minimum and preferred stock levels for every item in your repertoire.

See What Our Customers are Saying...

"Zangerine is our B2B e-commerce, order management, sales reporting and order fulfillment solution. We're very pleased overall with Zangerine's pricing, performance and customer support! We felt the pricing was a good value for the features Zangerine's software offered. The transition to getting set up and running was handled well by the Zangerine onboarding team, and they were there for us in a timely fashion to smooth out any issues we encountered. The various integrations (e-comm and shipping especially) tie all of our functions together efficiently."
Shane D
National Sales Manager
"Easy to set up, easy to use, the price is right. Very positive. Highly Recommend. The system is straightforward forward, easy to use. Great price for start-ups and larger companies. Support has always been outstanding in addressing any issues we encounter. Customized reports were built quickly too."
Chris F
"Great. Zangerine is amazing. System very easy to use even for those that are not computer savvy."
Ramona F
Warehouse Manager
"Tangerine with a Z. Great so far and they definitely keep adding key features for the system as we go through the process. Great software. Zangerine is dedicated to helping us get to where we are now. Customer service was the key factory. They dedicated a weekly meet to go over the things we need for the system. Better tracking of the inventory management and sales."
JayR S.
Sales Manager
"Zangerine - genuinely creative. Our overall experience has been excellent. From the start, I was impressed with their hands on approach and desire to understand our business and its needs. The fact that they spent time with us, in person, to outline and collaborate on the project was appreciated and highly productive. Their team is helpful and responsive. They are creative and accommodating. There is a "yes, we can do that for you" attitude which to me is tremendous strength. Zangerine helped take our Rewards Program to the next level. The Rewards Portal and self scanning feature allowed for individual's to be able to scan their own labels and track their Rewards. This created an enhanced and direct relationship between our company brand and our customers. It also freed up our sales representatives from the task of scanning labels for the recipients and allowed for more time to be spent on sales. This software allowed for us to continue operating seamlessly throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic and continued to track and reward sales of our products by auto repair facilities throughout our distribution territory."
Daron Y

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