How It Works

Customer Relationship Management

– Views customers’ quote and order history
– Define fixed and percentage discounts for different customer groups
– Associate customers, quotes, and orders to your sales reps and track their performance
– Download customer statements and A/R reports

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Inventory Management

– Control one or multiple warehouse in real-time
– Track lot and serial numbers
– Set automatic restocking points
– Keep employees accountable for item movements
– Generate current and historical inventory valuation reports

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Barcode & Scanning

– Scan items in and out of warehouse
– Print barcodes and labels
– transfer materials using wireless scanners
– Look up items and inventory records quickly
– Access 50+ reports in real-time
– Analyze customer behavior and history
– Evaluate gross sales by source, rep, product, and customer groups
– Export quotes and conversion rates
– Pull purchasing, receiving, and vendor/supplier report
– Download current and historical inventory valuation data
– Get A/R, A/P, Sales Tax, COGS, and Gross Margin reports

Pick, Pack, and Ship

– Access picklists from tablets and smartphones to pull items
– Seamlessly deduct inventory and mark as picked
– Print packing slips or invoices
– Generate labels
– Integrate with any shipping carrier
– Notify customers of shipments

Order Management

– Access picklists from tablets and smartphones to pull items – Seamlessly deduct inventory and mark as picked – Print packing slips or invoices – Generate labels – Integrate with any shipping carrier – Notify customers of shipments

Quote Management

– Quote request submission through e-commerce website or B2B portal
– Easy-to-use quote management tools
– One-click quote to sales convertor
– Automated reminder emails to increase conversion rates
– Quote and email history
– Group or individual discount assignment

Purchase Orders

– Automatic reordering points
– Minimum and preferred inventory level settings
– Primary and secondary vendor assignment per product
– Separated costs, notes and vendor part numbers for multi-vendor items
– Generate PO from one or multiple sales orders
– View item’s active purchase orders and expected inventory levels
– Send professional purchase orders with one click

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Marketplace Integrations

– Pull orders and push shipping information automatically
– Integrate with Amazon
– Integrate with eBay
– Integrate with WalMart
– Integrate with
– Integrate with other marketplaces

Supplier Management

– Automate and streamline your communications
– Send fully customizable PO dcouments
– Allow vendors to accept/reject PO from system emails
– Eliminate user-errors and minimize communication time
– Provide access to NebuCore’s supplier portal

Shipment Management

– Push orders into automatically and in real-time
– Fulfill partial and complete shipments
– Integrate with ShipStation and all carriers
– Print receipts, packing slips and box labels in bulk
– Create custom packing slips
– Notify customers upon shipment
– Manage shipping weight, size, and cost

Point Of Sale

– Connect to NebuCore’s POS system to manage inventory and sales
– Integrate with third-part POS systems
– Scan items out of inventory and into sales receipts
– Create customer loyalty programs
– Process credit card and cash payments
– Print or email receipts


– Pull A/R, A/P, Gross Margin and Inventory Valuation reports
– Integrate with third-part programs
– Integrate with QuickBooks
– Automatically send and receive data to QBO

Interactive Calender

– Job Order Management
– Assign tasks to specific employees
– Schedule tasks from sales orders

Custom Integrations

The true luxury and efficiency of the workplace is found in the ability to customize. NebuCore’s modular and flexible platform allows for creating custom solutions and features in a cost-effective manner. Need a custom solution? Talk to our engineering team today!


– Send/Receive Inventory Records
– Send/Receive Sales Orders
– Send/Receive Purchase Orders
– Send/Receive Shipping Information
– Send/Receive Accounting Records
– Send/Receive Custom Data Sets

Wholesaler Portal

– Unlimited Discount Levels
– NET Terms
– Quick Reorder
– Customer Address Book
– Advanced Order Search
– Create Custom Quotes/Estimates
– Customer Company/Employee Relationship
– Customer Credits
– Customer Groups

Kitting & BOM

Seamlessly define child and master products, download and print Bill of Materials (BOM), build kits and grouped products, and set custom cost and pricing for each item and kit. The build kits option enables your team to deduct the appropriate inventory of child SKUs and add the to the inventory of the master product, all with a one-click of a button. The trackability feature allows the management to easily find records and reasons for any inventory adjustments, as well as, the employee responsible for such changes.