Successful Implementation Guaranty

We Guarantee a Successful Implementation

What’s in our Guaranty? 

That’s easy . . .  If you don’t implement successfully, we refund everything you paid!

Risk Free Implementation

Industry wide, more than 75 percent of implementations fail.  With Zangerine, Yours won’t fail, we Guarantee it.  Don’t take our word for it…Google it.

Unsuccessful Implementations are very expensive

It’s hard to calculate the cost of an unsuccessful implementation.  It’s not just the wasted money you paid (you have a journal entry for that), it is also the time, frustration, business disruption, client dissatisfaction, and the missed opportunity to have done it right the first time. Do it right the first time with Zangerine’s ImplementationSuccess Guaranty.

Time is money

When other systems take multiple months to implement, then it just cost you 3 times what you wrote a check for.  Zangerine will save you money, time, effort and provide a quick ROI.

Zangerine...the ONLY Company to Guarantee a Successful Implementation

Unfortunately, the battlefield of ERP Software implementation is littered with failure. In fact, many industry analysts have shown that more ERP implementations fail than succeed. You can try Googling it yourself. “ERP implementation failure rate”. When we typed that into Google search today, here’s what Google returned on the first page (your results may differ.)

2 Stage Process

Our Guaranteed Implementation is proven to work.  We use a structured 2 stage approach.

Stage 1: Technical Implementation. This is where we setup your database, authorize your users, configure your warehouses, setup your system, import your data, and get your software ready to actually use by you and your staff.

Stage 2: Training Implementation. Here we provide you and your staff with training sufficient to run the basics of your business using Zangerine. You’ll understand how to add a customer, create a customer order, create pick and pack Lists, create a purchase order, make Invoice adjustments and more.

See if you Qualify for "Live in 5"

If you qualify, we can get you “LIVE in 5” business days. What does it take to get live in 5 days?  Contact us and we’ll give you the full story one how you can be eligible.

Free Download

For a full overview of our Success Guaranteed Implementation, download our “Guaranty” Green paper below.

Implementation doesn’t need to suck.