General Questions

Obviously this is very important and sensitive question. But not to worry, the solution is simple. Your data is backed up in multiple geographical locations on multiple redundant servers so no data loss is possible. The data belongs to the business, it can be exported and backed up internally as much and as often as desired. Beyond that, we put your software/source code into an escrow, if anything were ever to happen to us, the software plus source code is yours.

Our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are quick to respond and solve any issue you may have in a timely manner.

This can range from pretty simple to fairly complex. But don’t worry – its always simple for you and your company. If you can provide us the data we will migrate it – this is much more than any other SaaS provider we have ever known.

We don’t know, this has never happened? Just kidding, in case it ever does, we are prepared. This is very easy, you can just take all your data and go. We will help you through every step of the process if need be.

Absolutely. Zangerine works the same as if you are seated at your home office in New York City, or a remote island off the pacific. As long as you have an internet connection you are tied into your central system and collaborate like you are in the cubicle to the left.

Zangerine allows full customization for any of your organizations internal operations. We work directly with your company to customize the installation specifically for your needs. We maintain the internal preferences and upgrade them with each Zangerine upgrade.

You will get full access to our cloud based software and our main dashboard (including hosting). As well as a customized package (vendor management, POS, inventory management, receiving/shipping). The choices are endless depending on your business needs. You will also get support by email or live chat, we are with you for the entire set up and tech support thereafter.

A few of our features have been built on others. This could lead to the implementation of another feature inside the Zangerine platform. An example: Purchasing depends on your vendor/manufacturer. Once you impel purchasing, you will need the ability to manage your vendor portal as well.

If you are using our cloud based platform you can back up your data at any time through the main control center.
We periodically will have internal upgrades and switching from one version to the other is easiest when the new version is released.

Once you have filled out the form (at the bottom), an email with more information will be sent to you showing you our popular options and “extras”. We will call shortly after to set up a time to get some vital information about your business. This allows us to create a real-life demo of what your business would look like using our platform. After determining your needs, we will be able to better help you select the package that will work for you.