Business Intelligence

Zangerine is Business Intelligence! All the KPI’s and dashboards you’ll need

Knowledge is power, happiness, and safety. Zangerine’s business intelligence features help you get a quick picture of what’s up and the knowledge that lets you make confident business decisions.

Central Dashboard Oversight

For those times when you need a quick, concise glance of how well the business is running, Zangerine’s central dashboard is the perfect answer. Top selling SKUs, total orders, total customers, total stock items, and an order processing chart. Of course, the dashboard can be customized to help you see what’s important to you.

Google Analytics Integration

What you don’t know may impact your business. That’s why Zangerine incorporates Google Analytics data into your reports. How your customers interact with your website, what pages they visit most often, conversion rates, bounce rates, and much, much more will help you spot challenges and opportunities.

Sales Analysis Confidence

When a sale is closed, you or your customers can specify the source of that sale. When you can see what source is generating the most number of sales, that’s valuable information that spawns confident business decisions. You’ll be able to track sales volume from referrals, affiliates, search engines, marketplaces, print ads, social media, trade shows, and more!

Sales Rep Performance Tracking

Zangerine highlights how well any one of your sales representatives are performing. You’ll be able to see quotes to sales ratios, total sales volumes within any given time frame, and make comparisons based on sales, discounts, and shipped orders.

Advanced Reporting Power

Every business has unique needs. With Zangerine’s reporting engine you can probably find any number or build any list you may need. Capable of mining your customer data from many different perspectives is critical to learning more about your business and making profit-boosting decisions.