About Zangerine

Who Is Zangerine?

Helping you grow your business is our primary goal. We both know that with the right tools you will sell more tomorrow than you will today. We’re the team that creates the right tools. Plus, we help you improve on your operations. You’ll make smart, confident, and informed business decisions.

Our Team

All of our team members are key to our success, of course. The Zangerine squad is a group of seasoned software professionals in development, design, implementation, customer service, sales, marketing, and leadership. It’s not unusual for any member of our team to have 10 or more years of experience in the technology space.

In addition to a seasoned crew ready to serve you and your company, Zangerine is also a privately-owned, debt-free, profitable enterprise. We’re not burdened by millions of investment dollars nor beholden to the whims of an investment banking firm. Instead of preparing dog and pony shows to keep investors at bay, we fill our days with advancements in technology and helping happy customers. Doesn’t that sound like more fun?


What Is Zangerine?

Zangerine is a suite of tools that brightens up the dark corners of inventory, sales and marketing, finances, and purchasing while providing business intelligence features.

Is Zangerine cloud-based?

But, of course! We leverage the cloud to create amazing technology and partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for dependable and secure service. Only the best for our customers!