The billion dollar question

Yes, eCommerce originally stood for “electronic commerce” back when it began in the last part of the last century but that’s not what it means. It’s not why people spend billions of dollars on websites at all hours of the day.

Why does this matter to overworked owners of wholesale distribution businesses in the nation that invented eCommerce?

Because whether you have an eCommerce site or are thinking of building one to expand your sales…if you don’t get this ONE thing right it won’t matter. You won’t reach your potential and unless you’re selling a working fountain of youth or a for-real once and done cure for the cold or flue you will struggle.


The billion dollar answer

Here it is in all its simplicity and weighty glory. It’s easy.

Yes, you read that correctly, eCommerce is easy, or at least it had better be otherwise buyers will go elsewhere. You think I’m kidding? Look at Amazon’s profits lately. They clearly got it a long time ago.

eCommerce is popular primarily because it’s easy, and the easier you make it, the better the results. Yes, you have to have a product people want, at a price they are willing to pay but if it’s not easier to buy it online people won’t. Many customers really do like the brick and mortar experience better, and there are many websites including giant eCommerce websites who will give them ease in spades.

Now don’t give up! It’s easier than ever to make your eCommerce website easy, and you have a tremendous advantage as wholesalers! What advantage you say? eCommerce may be like the “Jetsons” in the B2C world but in B2B where you are selling to other businesses it’s still the wild west! In other words the competition isn’t that tough yet, and most B2B eCommerce sites still have not figured out that “easy” is the key to success. YOU can capitalize on that by creating a wholesale eCommerce site that your customers love to buy from because it makes their lives so much easier, and yes you will reap the rewards if you do.


What’s next

In coming posts I’m going to explain “easy” in the context of eCommerce and how powerfully it can not only affect your sales, but also the loyalty of your customers. It’s a big part of the reason why people return to sites like Amazon again and again, even if they don’t like the idea of buying everything from a giant heartless corporation that is sucking the life out of small businesses. They can’t help it…it’s too easy!

Better yet in the next few posts I’m going to tell you how you can build “easy” into your eCommerce site, not just for your customers but for you and your staff. Yes, “easy” will keep you coming back to your own eCommerce site as well. Stay tuned!